Ž Do you have a trademark or an invention that you wish to protect?

Ž Do you want to extend a trademark or patent protection that already exists in another country to Ecuador or the Andean Region?

Ž Do you fear that anybody might try to appropriate your trademark or patent in Ecuador?

To establish a trademark on the market means to invest a lot of work and a lot of money, too. The illegitimate exploitation of these efforts by third parties must be fought in the interest of the trademark’s rightful owner as well as in the interest of the deceived customer. We will help you by means of inquiries, registration procedures and oppositions before the Ecuadorian Institute for Intellectual Property (IEPI) to protect your interests. In association with another well-known law firm, we also offer a permanent watching service.


Inventions are the basis for all technologic and social progress. In order to motivate the individual inventive genius, inventors must be able to rely on a protection that allows them to exploit their invention and to exhaust the material benefits and social recognition of their efforts. If you own an invention and would like to protect it in Ecuador or the Andean Region, do not hesitate to contact us. Together with renown experts in the IP field we will help you also to maintain your invention patent active and to monitor it while protection still exists. Any information about your invention will be treated absolutely confidential.



Ž Do you need help to register an industrial design?

Ž Do you have a design and do not know whether you can protect it at the IEPI as an industrial design?

Ž Do you already have a registration in another country and want to extend it to Ecuador and the Andean Region?

Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can help you with the necessary steps for registering you industrial design until you obtain the corresponding certificate from the IEPI. With relatively few information from your side, we can already initiate registration procedures or determine whether the design is already protected in Ecuador.


· Swift performance of our services

· Confidentiality and absolute discretion

· Reasonable fees

· Complementary services for an integral solution of your problem


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