We cover a broad field of technical translations, be it documents or certificates of public entities or manuals of industrial machines, be it regulations for internationally standardized industrial procedures or other texts. According to the extension and complexity of a text, SELEGTRAL will form teams of people that have been working as translators and are familiar with the source and the target language as well as with the subject matter at hand.

We are specializing, of course, in the translation of legal texts, including codes, court papers and any other writing that is issued by the judicial power.

Technical translations are made freely within the language combination German-English-Spanish, i.e. from any of these languages into the others. We also translate technical texts from Italian into any of the other languages.





We translate fictive and non-fictive literary texts, specializing in the fields of History and Biographies (non-fiction) as well as Sci-Fi / Fantasy (fiction). Due to the more artistic value and certain aspects of style, these translations are only made into German, regardless whether the source text is written in Spanish, English or Italian. If you should require a translation into any other language but German, we will be pleased to put you in contact with another translation agency that offers the desired combination of languages.


PLEASE NOTE! All our translations are made under strict observation of copyright laws and if a translation is made for the individual use of a person or entity, we do not allow its reproduction nor its commercial use or reselling. For further details, also regarding the case of translations ordered by publishing houses, please read our General Terms & Conditions.





SELEGTRAL itself does not yet offer this service, but due to the affinity of a translator’s work with the field of interpretation, we will be pleased to assist you in your search for an interpreter in the combination of languages you need. We know several first-class interpreters who switch freely between German-Spanish and English-Spanish, and we can also put you in contact with interpreters of other language combination (e.g. French, Russian, Portuguese), who live in Ecuador.


· Swift performance of our services

· Confidentiality and absolute discretion

· Reasonable fees

· Complementary services for an integral solution of your problem


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