Angelo Lettere,

Attorney at Law

Dr. Lettere



SELEGTRAL- “Servicios Legales y de Traducción AL” developed in December 2005 from "Traducciones AL” (which was founded in Quito, Ecuador, in April 1998) as a result of its founder’s efforts to continue giving a high quality service, but within a wider field of action. This wish also reflects Angelo Lettere, Attorney-at-Law,’s professional progress during his years in Ecuador, allowing him to rely on more than a decade of professional experience and excellent contacts to other high-ranking professionals in Ecuador.

Our services aim at the complete satisfaction of our national and international clients’ needs in their manifold relations with Ecuadorian authorities, especially the Registry Office and the Ecuadorian Institute for Intellectual Property (IEPI), but also the embassies and consular sections of other countries that are duly represented before the Republic of Ecuador’s government.

ANGELO LETTERE, Attorney-at-Law, was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1970. He earned both his law degrees of an Ecuadorian Dr. jur. and Attorney at Law at the University of Applied Sciences of Loja, Ecuador, in 2005 after the defense of an analytical doctoral thesis under the title of "Monitoring of Cassation Sentences, Rulings No. 169-96, 171-96, 75-97, 76-97 and 101-97". In Germany in 1998 he had already earned the degree of a B.A. in Translation from the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne and earlier, in 1991, he had concluded a vocational training in the field of Chemistry, passing his final exams before the Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Bonn, Germany. Between 1999 and 2000 he was working at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE) as a professor for the subject “Introduction to Translation“, and as a translator and assistant consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers del Ecuador’s division for Tax and Legal Services. Nowadays, he is the head of SELEGTRAL and has been working as an assistant to the Consular Section of the German Embassy in Quito, Ecuador, since 2001.

Specialized in: Family Law and Civilian Status, Law of Succession; Trademarks and Patents 

Languages: He reads, speaks and writes in German, English and Spanish; reads and translates from Italian; has basic knowledge of Latin and Russian grammar (translations can be made with the help of dictionaries)


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