We are very experienced in obtaining any kind of documents and certifications from the Ecuadorian Registry Office, such as birth certificates and inscriptions, particulars (Datos de Filiación), marriage certificates and inscriptions, death certificates, etc. If you wish, we obtain the Apostille from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or, in its case, the Ministry’s pre-legalization and the final Legalization from the diplomatic entity of the country where you want to use the document.

Our services comprise all errands with administrative or judicial authorities in order to correct certificates that already exist or realize for the first time inscriptions of facts that concern one’s civil status and have occurred outside Ecuador (births, marriages, divorces and deaths).

We also help public and private entities in an absolute confidential way to determine the authenticity of a documents that has been presented to them and that has allegedly been issued by the Ecuadorian Registry Office.

In case you want to dissolve a marriage you entered into in Ecuador by means of a divorce, we also represent you in court or, if the divorce is by mutual agreement and there are no children from that marriage, also before a Notary Public in order to do what is necessary for that purpose.


· Swift performance of our services

· Confidentiality and absolute discretion

· Reasonable fees

· Complementary services for an integral solution of your problem


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